Služby pre úsporu energie

Holistic concept for optimising compressed air systems

For energy-efficient and environmentally conscious systems operation

Reduce operating costs by up to 60%

We determine your potential savings and assist you in the planning and conversion of energy-relevant optimisation measures.

We ensure the sustainability of your energy savings by implementing measures for maintaining savings and with training courses for your staff.


Modular service offer in line with your requirements

Audit energetickej účinnosti stlačeného vzduchu podľa ISO/DIS 11011

Certifikát nemeckej certifikačnej organizácie TÜV Süd


Measures for safeguarding the operating condition achieved for machines and compressed air systems
Regular leakage detection Maintaining a constantly low leakage level
Regular analysis of compressed air supply, compressed air consumption and compressed air quality Regular checking ensures that once optimum condition has been achieved, it can be maintained.
Regular preventive and corrective maintenance

Whether required urgently or regularly:

Repairs and preventive maintenance work carried out according to machine condition and/or Festo inspection and maintenance plan

Training Training to improve your know-how and to ensure long-term optimum operation of the compressed air system


Training: Transferring knowledge for the autonomous optimisation of your compressed air consumption
Training and consulting
  • Increase your staff's knowledge of saving energy in pneumatic systems
  • Contribute to the sustainable and energy-efficient operation of your systems
  • Choose from public or company-specific training courses


PN 361: Energy saving in pneumatic systems