Servopneumatic positioning systems

If you...

  • ...can achieve cost benefits of up to 50% in comparison to electric solutions because absolute precision and top speed are not priorities
  • ...want to implement new approaches to problem solving which combine positioning and force control
  • - require controlled high power density
  • …and you already have compressed air available,

then servopneumatics is the right solution for your application.

Design options

Linear motion with the rodless drive DGCI from Festo

The Festo product range, from controllers to drives, makes it extremely easy to implement servopneumatic systems.

The design of the displacement encoder varies according to the task, use or location: absolute, contactless and incremental or potentiometric. Each option has its own strengths.

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Use of servopneumatics

Areas of application

Large grippers Servopneumatics from Festo

Do you have a welding application in the automotive industry where you need to approach the workpiece carefully even when its position cannot be precisely determined?

Do you have a sawing application in the timber industry where you need to hold down workpieces with a specified force until the sawing process is finished?

See for yourself the strengths of servopneumatics

in our application examples.

Standard cylinder with displacement encoder DDPC

Standard cylinder with displacement encoder DDPC

Accelerates and brakes high loads in a controlled manner. This is achieved by its integrated, non-contacting displacement encoder together with Soft Stop.

More about DDPC