Add products to the basket

From the catalogue:
• From the catalogue by clicking on the shopping basket symbol
• By marking products on a page and then selecting the “Add to basket” action. Then click on “Update basket”.


By adding directly to the shopping basket:
• Add directly to shopping basket by entering the Festo part number or your own part number (if it has been added to the system by Festo)
• By importing existing lists using the import assistant


Remove products from basket

You can remove products from the shopping basket either by clicking on the “Delete” icon in the shopping basket or by selecting "Delete selected" in the drop-down list of actions.


Save a baskets

To do this enter a name in the “Basket Name” field, and then click “Save”. 



The baskets you have saved can be accessed via “Saved Baskets” in the menu.


Price and availability


The user must be an “ordering user” to place orders in the Festo Online Shop.

However, some functions such as checking price and availability are also accessible to “info users”, who only have authorisation to view information.


Requested delivery date

If you want to change the delivery date shown in the shopping basket, enter the preferred delivery date in the “Delivery Information” section and click on “Check”. 


You will be notified if the preferred delivery date cannot be met; otherwise the new delivery data will be transferred to the shopping basket.



Shipping method

The following field gives you the option of changing the shipping method. 



Shipping address

To change the shipping address, enter the relevant address in the second step in the ordering process - this address can be overwritten - or select an address that was previously saved in the system.


Complete the order

In the shopping basket, click on “Continue” and enter the necessary data in the relevant fields. You will be guided through the ordering process step by step.

Please accept the delivery and payment conditions before submitting your order.

Once the order is complete, you will receive an order confirmation with your order number.


Order confirmation

Once you have clicked on “Continue”, you can specify in the shopping basket whether you would like to receive an order confirmation, and if so whether by fax or email.