Water treatment

The application: automating reverse osmosis systems

Your objective: producing drinking water efficiently and ensuring high operational availability

Our solution: intelligent and reliable control of crossflow filtration or dead-end filtration and backflushing

Process control system

Process control system



1: Controllers

Communication and control of all field devices

Communication and control of all field devices

2: Operator units



3: Control cabinets



4: Connection technology 


5: Service units


6: Electrical peripherals
Information about CPX


7: Valve terminals

Valve terminal MPA

Information about MPA


Valve terminal VTSA

Information about VTSA

Automation of valves and fittings

Automation of vavles and fittings

8: Standard Namur valves

Information about VSNB


9: Sensor boxes


10: Position transmitters

Information about SMAT-8M


11: Quarter-turn actuators


12: Linear drives

DLP information


13: Controlled linear drives

Information about DFPI



Electrical connection
Pneumatic connection