Round cylinder DSNU with PPS cushioning

Fast adaptation for optimum cushioning - without adjusting screw

  • PPS for dynamic and gentle movement into the end position
  • Reliable due to self-adjustment
  • Economical due to reduced commissioning times
  • Reliable due to adaptation to changes and prolonged service life as shock absorber
  • PPS also available on stainless steel cylinder CRDSNU

Cushioning variants P, PPV, PPS


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DSNU in the catalogue


Gratis cylinder för test
Upplev själv fördelarna med PPS ändlägesdämpning.

Kontakta oss för att få en gratis cylinder för test.

Gäller t.o.m. 2011.03.01


Innovative PPS cushioning

Longitudinal slots allow the air to escape, permitting dynamic and gentle movement into the end position.


Self-adjustment of end-position cushioning using longitudinal slots in cushioning piston


No need for manual adjustment of end-position cushioning

Package sorting system

Potential savings with PPS

  • Number of cylinders: 60 stations with one cylinder each

  • Setting time per cylinder: 5 min.
  • Time saved: 5 h per unit for assembly and setting