Food safety

Hygienic and efficient automation in the production of food


Correctly implemented, standards and directives guarantee safe conditions in the production of food.  


The EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is intended for the protection and safety of consumers and operators wherever food comes into direct contact with machine parts and components.

Standards and directives for design (EN 1672-2/EHEDG Doc 8 and Doc 13) and materials (FDA CFR Title 21, ISO 21469, 1935/2004/EC, for example for the use of NSF-H1-lubricants) provide additional support for food safety.


Safe production

Hygienic production of food

Your food safety goals:

  • Avoid microbiological contamination
  • Use corrosion-resistant materials
  • Minimal cleaning requirements


More on "basic and expert knowledge"

Safe products

Hygienic products for food production from Festo

Clean design components from Festo:

Round cylinder CRDSNU (ISO 6432), stainless steel

Clean design guided drive DGRF

Clean design cylinder DSBF

Clean design valve terminals MPA-C

Clean Design fitting NPCK

Useful product features from Festo:

Minimal installation time:
Self-adjusting end position cushioning system PPS without adjusting screw

Animation cushioning variants P, PPV, PPS

Sealing variants for your requirements:

Example: the dry-running seal from the modular system also functions when the lubricant has been washed away

White papers on food safety

Find out more about consumer protection, hygiene and efficiency in automation

Hygienic automation technology for food production

High compressed air quality for high-quality food

Cleaning is a must!


Product Overview F&B

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