Machine safety is a top priority

Laws and directives are in force to ensure the safety of machines which interact with human beings- e.g. the EC machinery directive (ECMD)

Festo's solutions for safety functions can help to ensure the safety of your system

After the risk assessment has been carried out, Festo supports you with technical safety measures:

  • Safety sensors on the input level
  • Safety controls on the processing level (logic)
  • Protective measures on the output level


Festo has a wide range of products for pneumatic and electrical safety applications, e.g.:


CPX Profisafe  for safe electrical disconnection

Motor controller CMMP for the conversion of electrical safety functions (STO, SS1, SLS)

Safe exhaust valve MS6-SV

Safety valve VOFA for presses for safety applications including reversion and protection against unexpected startup   



Festo parameter library

This provides you with safety-related parameters for Festo components in line with VDMA 66413

Festo parameter library