Filter regulators

Filter regulators

Regulating and filtering compressed air: filter regulators combine a compressed air filter and pressure regulator in one device, and thus perform two functions at the same time. The filter removes contamination from the compressed air, and the pressure regulator controls the working pressure depending on the application. This makes them an indispensable element in compressed air preparation, ensuring high process reliability, fewer machine failures and less downtime.

Filter regulators from Festo

In our portfolio, we offer filter regulators for every requirement, from single devices for explosive environments to modular series that can be integrated in the modular service unit system.

Filter regulators: MS-B series

The filter regulators of the MS-B series with polymer housing are extremely light, very compact and yet have a high flow rate. They offer low-cost, basic components focused on the most important technical functions. The polymer variant is compatible with the MS series for the perfect combination of low-cost basic functionality with high-end functional requirements.

MS basic series

Filter regulators: MS series

The MS series offers a very wide range of filter regulator units, so there is always the right one for every application. The filter unit ensures the best particle separation at high flow rates. The pressure regulator has good control characteristics with a low hysteresis. A return flow function and secondary exhaust are integrated as standard in the MS series. The filter regulator can be easily installed in the relevant MS service units. Four sizes provide a wide flow range. The filter regulators MS-LFR can optionally be configured for use in potentially explosive areas of zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 as well as with UL approval.

MS series

Filter regulators: D series, polymer

The D series with polymer housing offers a basic range in one size. The housings are made of reinforced polyamide with thread and the filter bowls are made of polycarbonate; they can be combined with a manual or semi-automatic condensate drain. One of the characteristics of the devices is that they are extremely lightweight.

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Individual devices

In addition to our filter regulator range, we also offer individual units made of stainless steel for explosive environments. With its sturdy housing, the filter regulator PCRP is ideally suited for the special requirements of process automation, even for use outdoors and at low temperatures down to -60 °C. The filter regulator PCRI is particularly resistant to UV radiation and corrosive environments.

Individual devices