DualWingGenerator: generating energy with the principle of beating wings


Generating energy with the principle of beating wings

Our Bionic Learning Network took inspiration from the flight of birds once again when developing the DualWingGenerator. In contrast to conventional small wind turbines, this cutting-edge technology uses two pairs of counter-rotating wings instead of rotor blades to generate energy.

Reversing the principle of natural wing beating

The system’s principle consists of reversing the natural wing-beating principle. Birds generate the power necessary to move forwards in the air by flapping their wings. A stationary system like the DualWingGenerator, on the other hand, can take the kinetic energy from the flow of air. The wings’ linear lifting movement is converted here into a rotary movement. An integrated electric generator turns the obtained energy into electricity.

Counter-rotating pairs of wings for optimum energy yield

The four wings are arranged on both sides of the central column. The two top and the two bottom wings are each positioned on the same motor-driven rotary axle, which is fitted on a slide. When the wind blows, the two slides move synchronously on the vertical guide in opposing directions. The top two wings travel upwards as the bottom wings move downwards. The pair of wings on one side forms a functional unit with fluid-mechanical properties that enable optimum energy generation. At the apex, a servo motor turns the wings, and they automatically move back towards each other.

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Active torsion like in bird flight

Their active rotation means the wings are always set so that air flows on to them at the optimal angle. This enables the adaptive system to achieve an optimal energy yield with a very high, scientifically proven efficiency. We already had this so-called active torsion in 2011 with the SmartBird as a technical solution. When developing the artificial silver seagull, we studied how birds actively rotate their wings and thus make the most energy-efficient use of the wind conditions.

Ultimate efficiency at low wind strengths

The DualWingGenerator is self-optimising and can adapt itself to different wind conditions. It is in no way inferior to conventional small wind turbines in terms of efficiency and even has astonishing advantages at low wind speeds. In the range between four and eight metres per second, the turbine has a very high, scientifically proven efficiency.

DualWingGenerator: ultimate efficiency at low wind speeds, such as those that prevail in Central Europe

Amazing result: ultimate efficiency at low wind speeds, such as those that prevail in Central Europe