Product Key

The product key for the unique identification of products

The Product Key is an individual 11-digit alphanumeric code on the product's label that uniquely identifies a product.

Finding with the Product Key

By entering the Product Key, you can retrieve all documents available for the product. In this way, you can quickly access documentation, customer order numbers, certificates, CAD data, circuit symbols, links to suitable/necessary device description files, commissioning software or directly to the product in the spare parts catalogue.catalogue. Your advantage: Secure, fast and unambiguous product identification!

Finding with the data matrix code

If there is also a data matrix code on the product label, this contains the direct link to the mobile support portal including the product key. This will take you directly to the desired documents by scanning them with a suitable application.

Find with part number or order code

Documents for all product versions can be found easily and conveniently by entering the part number or order code in the central search!

Automatic identification procedure AutoIDAlways the right information!

Always the right information!