Servo drive CMMT-ST

The extremely small servo drive CMMT-ST positions and moves highly economically, dynamically and precisely up to 300 W, point-to-point or interpolating. It is also commissioned simply via Festo Automation Suite and integrated Auto-Tuning in the shortest of time.
  • Very efficient for tasks with low power requirements
  • Ideal for positioning tasks and point-to-point and interpolating motion solutions
  • 50% more compact than the smallest servo drive CMMT-AS
  • 150 W at 24 V DC, 300 W at 48 V DC
  • When operating with the available 24 V DC network in a control cabinet and a continuous output of 150 W, there is no need for an extra power supply unit
  • With safety functions
  • Optimised for use with stepper motors like the tried-and-tested EMMS-ST
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Servo drive CMMT: the highlights presented by the Product Manager

Even small automation tasks, such as simply moving a workpiece from A to B, can turn into an endless undertaking and a complex project, making commissioning take even longer.
See how to make it faster and easier in the video:

Festo Elevator Pitch: the servo drive CMMT-ST

With our CMMT-ST you can implement axes with up to 300 W continuous output.
Watch the video to see many more benefits for yourself.

Festo elevator pitch: servo drive family CMMT

Whether for big or small areas of application, we always have the right drive system for you, from 300 watts to 12 kilowatts.
Explore additional features and benefits of the servo drive family CMMT in 35 seconds.

1. Ethernet-based communication

  • One servo drive platform for numerous fieldbuses
  • Easily integrated into automation solutions with controllers from, for example, Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff and others

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2. Extremely compact

50% more compact than the smallest CMMT-AS with almost the exact same performance

3. Commissioning

Commissioning with the Festo Automation Suite is error-free and takes just a few minutes

4. Parameter sets

  • Optimal parameters for optimised cycle times and process reliability
  • Save up to three parameter sets on the drive for complex applications

5. Integrated standard safety

  • STO: safe torque off (SIL3/cat. 3 PL e)
  • SS1: safe stop 1 (type c) when using a suitable external switching device and a suitable circuit
  • Configuration without software possible

6. Motor connection and encoder interface

Motor connection of firmware and parameters:

  • Optimal with proven stepper motor EMMS-ST from Festo
  • Suitable for BLDC motors (brushless DC motor)

Encoder interface:
For greater positioning accuracy of the axis mechanism

7. Dynamic movement and precise positioning

  • Point-to-point
  • Interpolating

8. Technical data

  • Max. continuous output: 300 W
  • Primary voltage: 24...48 V DC
  • Motor current: 8 A/peak 10 A

In practice