proportional pressure regulator

№ изделия: 187332

Данные надежности продукта

The information in this "Product reliability data sheet" is based on products being used as intended. This includes complying with all specifications in data sheets, catalogues, user documentation and the general operating conditions. The user alone is responsible for determining whether a product is suitable for a particular application.
Характеристика Значение
CE mark (see declaration of conformity) EU-EMC-directive
Service-life value B101) 78 Mio SP
Safety instructions Safety position for MPPES: If the power supply cable is interrupted, the outlet pressure drops to 0 bar.
1) The ascertainment of characteristic service life values is generally based on the ISO 19973 "Pneumatic fluid power - Assessment

of component reliability by testing". Additional, B10 values of 10 million cycles can also be based on the ISO 13849.
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