Curricula, certification and managed services

Curricula, certification, managed services

Our managed services provide companies and government agencies with comprehensive solutions to address the skills shortages in technical and industrial fields. Our services include the development of curricula, educational programmes, certifications, training outsourcing for industrial companies as well as advice on the creation of skill development programmes. All our services are complemented by the Festo Didactic portfolio: designing learning environments and equipping laboratories with turnkey learning systems, on-site training, training programmes at Festo training centres and digital learning solutions.

Combatting skills shortages

To ensure the future workforce is well qualified for their careers and present-day employees have the competencies needed for future roles, we develop customised concepts and solutions in line with current market conditions and the required results for communities and companies.

Market analysis

The first step to developing educational programmes is a market analysis to identify the needs of local industry for skills that need to be fostered as well as those of existing educational institutions and their direct competitors.

Definition of professions

This analysis is used to define the skills and professions that will be needed, including curricula and certification programmes, as well as the professional competencies in which further training is needed.

Curricula development

The curricula for professional competencies are developed in line with national qualifications. They have a modular structure and contain sections that combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises.


The certification of students is an important part of any training programme as a way to ensure that skills are documented and are recognised nationally and, if possible, internationally. Festo draws up certification schemes in cooperation with national associations and can also include German certification in cooperation with German associations.

Learning environment design

Based on the existing curricula of your educational institution and the market analysis carried out, we provide ready-to-use learning environments that are tailored to the specific professional competencies or occupations that are needed in your region.

Curricula, certification and learning environment

Closing skills gaps

It's crucial for manufacturing companies to establish long-term training programmes at their site and boost the qualification of their employees in order to safeguard the success of their production facilities and ensure their long-term competitiveness. One way of achieving this is by working together with external training partners and educational institutions.

As developers, we offer solutions to close the skills gaps – the discrepancy between the skills of the available workforce and industry requirements. We analyse the training needs and the skills gaps so that we can determine the appropriate training programmes for all groups according to their occupation and skills. In addition, we transform the results gathered during the analysis into specific and demand-based training models. These not only help solve training-related challenges, but are also a valuable investment in the future of the company! With our practical solutions, employees around the world are trained to the same high standards. By investing in further training and thus in supporting your employees, you will simultaneously boost their motivation and enable them to perform their tasks efficiently.

Industrial consultation and design of learning environments

The developed training process can be seamlessly integrated into the customer’s business and HR strategy. Our experience in equipping and operating training facilities enables us to support our customers in developing viable and sustainable concepts right from the start. Our expertise in operating training centres for Festo and on behalf of customers all over the world enables us to pass on our insight in how to efficiently plan training facilities.

Classrooms and workshops

The way in which classrooms and workspaces are separated has evolved over time and reflects important criteria about methods and group dynamics. This forms the basis for a modern and challenging learning environment. Our product portfolio offers a comprehensive approach, both for our industrial customers and for educational institutions. This ranges from learning systems with technical components and training factories for industrial automation to e-learning programs and software simulations. Our range covers technologies for factory, process and building automation such as hydromechanics, electrical engineering and mechatronics, telecommunications, renewable energies, wastewater treatment, cooling and HVAC, production and manufacturing as well as maintenance and service.

Concepts – Learning Centre


Festo Learning Centre Saar
Rohrbach, Germany

The Festo Learning Centre (FLC) Saar is located in Rohrbach, Germany, and has been a preferred partner for training solutions for local industry since 1994. In addition, FLC Saar specialises in industry-wide vocational training programmes and is thus a professional partner of smaller companies that, for various reasons, cannot train their employees in-house. In these cases, FLC Saar offers vocational training courses for trainees from several companies in one class. In addition, FLC Saar is also involved in international projects, such as training Indian teachers from vocational training institutions. By developing individual training programmes in tandem with our customers and tailoring them to their individual needs, we ensure they give them a competitive edge. FLC Saar adopts an approach that is focused on a high degree of flexibility, motivation and a positive attitude.

Festo Academy Italy, Industrial Management School
Milan, Italy

The Festo Academy Italy offers training programmes at a number of levels designed to help companies and their employees improve their performance and develop individual skills. Courses offered include programmes for developing specific professional competencies, seminars for acquiring practical skills and experience, a master class for higher education and specialisation programmes as well as tours and business simulation games for managers.

Festo Training Centre Jinan
Jinan, China

The Festo Training Centre Jinan, which is located at Festo’s production site in Jinan, China, is the first comprehensive training centre that Festo has opened outside Germany. The goal of the training centre is to establish the successful German dual education system in China. The centre offers a mechatronics course that was originally reserved for Festo employees and that is now open to everyone.

Festo Didactic offers complete, managed educational services with individualised entry points for customers and markets. Regardless of whether you require our complete package of services or a combination of different individual services, our concept is tailored to specific requirements and has a direct impact on your company's bottom line, the development of the market as a whole and the workforce.