Electric cylinder unit EPCS

Extremely low-cost yet high-performing and very flexible, the EPCS combines the simplicity of pneumatics with the benefits of electrical automation. It is extremely compact and thus ideal for small installation spaces. In addition, the EPCS is very easy to configure – without any software!
  • Complete solution consisting of integrated drive, motor and servo drive
  • Extremely cost-effective, yet powerful and very flexible
  • Ideal for individual linear movements in every installation position and especially for vertical Z movements
  • Precise positioning thanks to smoothly running ball screw drive
  • Compact dimensions
  • Safe movement through flexible position sensing
  • Integrated end position sensing
  • Two control options integrated as standard: digital I/O and IO-Link
  • Easy commissioning according to the plug and work principle: all parameters are manually adjustable directly on the drive without requiring any software or special expertise
  • Three sizes with a max. stroke of 500 mm
  • Product of the Simplified Motion Series: doesn't need any external servo drive or any control cabinet for the installation
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Simplified Motion Series – motion made easy

The simplicity of pneumatics is now combined for the first time with the advantages of electric automation thanks to the Simplified Motion Series. These integrated drives are the perfect solution for all users who are looking for an electric alternative for very simple motion tasks, but don’t want the commissioning process for traditional electric drive systems that can often be quite complex. There is no need for any software since operation is simply based on the plug and work principle. Digital I/O (DIO) and IO-Link® are always automatically included – a product with two types of control as standard.

Application examples for electric cylinder EPCS

Positioning with the electric cylinder EPCS

Sorting with the electric cylinder EPCS

Transferring using the electric cylinder EPCS and rotary drive ERMS

Lifting with short strokes using the electric cylinder EPCS

Vertical door opener with the electric cylinder EPCS

Horizontal door opener, with short strokes, using the electric cylinder EPCS

Note: Special safety precautions need to be observed for the safe implementation of this application

Stopping and clamping with the electric cylinder EPCS and rotary drive ERMS

Electric motion – simpler than ever before