Servo motor EMMT-AS

The servo motor EMMT-AS for demanding and dynamic applications is characterised by very good controllability and path accuracy for positioning tasks, while the space-saving, single-cable solution significantly reduces installation effort.
  • Brushless, permanently magnetized synchronous servo motor
  • Digital absolute displacement encoder, single turn or multi-turn
  • Extremely low cogging torque – supports high synchronisation even at low rotational speeds
  • Simple connection technology (OCP: one cable plug) – one connecting cable for supply and encoder
  • Rotatable plug with adjustable angle (310°)
  • Optionally with holding brake
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Servo motor EMMT-AS

Servo motor EMMT-AS: maximum cost-effectiveness for maximum performance

The AC synchronous servo motor for demanding and dynamic applications is characterised by an extremely low cogging torque. This ensures good adjustability and tracking accuracy for positioning tasks. Quick and safe commissioning: the electronic rating plate contains all the important data for the motor. This can be read by the servo drive CMMT-AS and then used to automatically set the parameters for the servo motor.

Servo motor EMMT-AS

Space-saving: one cable plug with the EMMT-AS

The space-saving one cable plug (OCP) requires much less installation effort. The servo motor is connected with only one cable for power, encoder signals and holding brake. This simplifies wiring and replacement.