Festo Learning Experience

Festo Learning Experience

The digital learning portal for individual learning experiences

Through digitalization, we are in a profound transformation process that is changing the way we communicate, work, and learn. Where the possibilities change, the demands on learning and teaching also do. Existing eLearning offers in technical education neglect an essential aspect. And that is possibilities for individual adaptation. Festo LX closes this gap.

Experience digital learning, which is as individual as you are

The digital learning experience portal offers didactically prepared learning content for many technical areas. We combine industry expertise with didactic know-how to create unique learning experiences. The portal is based on multimedia learning nuggets that can easily be adapted and combined to form individual learning paths. In this way, courses can be perfectly tailored to the individual needs of teachers and learners. Through the smart combination of eLearning courses and practical exercises, students ensure their employability in the high-tech industry.

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The license for learning success

Festo LX is a cloud-based learning portal. This eliminates the need for local installations and gives you access to the latest updates on functionalities and learning content at all times. Festo LX is available in different license packages that are tailored to the number of users and the period of use. For more information just get in touch with us.

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