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2/2-way proportional valve VEAE with piezo technology Suitable for oxygen

Small, lightweight, quiet, no self-heating, extremely low power consumption and yet a high flow rate of up to 100 l/min – that sums up the piezo proportional valve VEAE. It is ideal for battery-operated, portable medical devices such as ventilators. Its compact design also makes it suitable for stationary applications such as in ophthalmology or for dental drills.

Polypropylene fittings NPQP Resistant to chemicals

NPQP is FDA compliant. Not only that, it also offers a high level of process security as it is resistant to chemicals, approved for use with food, light and transparent. This makes it an inexpensive alternative to stainless steel fittings for the food and beverage industry, biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, medical technology, clean rooms and process automation.

Tubing/threaded fitting combinations From a single source

Variety is standard at Festo. Our range of tubing and fi ttings covers

every conceivable task.

Universal metal fitting NPQH Sturdy, multitalented

The metal fitting NPQH is the ideal complement for numerous applications. Thanks to the coating, it can be used in typical standard applications. And the combination with a wide variety of tubing makes it truly multitalented: food-safe, heat resistant to 150°C as chemically nickel-plated, flame-retardant and suitable for high pressures. test

Pneumatic Installation Guide
Operating conditions and standards in pneumatics
  • Use, storage and transport conditions for Festo products
  • Standards in pneumatics
  • Compressed air preparation
  • Operating conditions for valves
  • Port designations of pneumatic components to ISO 5599
  • Operating conditions for drives
  • Pressure/force table and graphBuckling load graph
  • Air consumption
  • Pneumatics and explosion protection – ATEX
  • EC directives/approvals
  • Design – Clean room suitability
  • Paint-wetting impairment substances and resistance to media
  • Corrosion resistance class CRC
  • Protection classes according to IEC/EN 60529
  • Functional earth – protective earth – PELV
  • Spark arresting
Folder for tubing and fittings combinations Well combined: tubing/fitting combinations for all applications!

Precise selection of the right tubing/fitting combination is above all dependent on the application. Applications often have a single feature that quickly defines the right selection. The overview of our most popular tubing/fitting combinations will help you to make the right choice quickly and reliably.

Poster collection: Better connected Everything from a single source – for the ideal tubing and fittings combinations

Our range of tubing and fittings covers every conceivable task. Regardless of whether your selection is determined by standard requirements or extreme conditions such as heat, welding spatter, high pH values or resistance to hydrolysis – at Festo you’ll always find the right tubing/fitting combination.

Megaposter: Tubing and fittings combinations The complete world of tubing/fitting combinations

Our range of tubing and fittings covers every conceivable task. Regardless of whether your selection is determined by standard requirements or extreme conditions such as heat, welding spatter, high pH values or resistance to hydrolysis – at Festo you’ll always find the right tubing/fitting combination.