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All set for automation with IO-Link
All set for automation with IO-Link Point-to-point!

Standardised IO-Link technology (IEC 61131-9) makes communication with sensors and actuators simple and economical. The result of an evolutionary development, this low-cost connection technology with three or five conductors achieves point-to-point connection without complex wiring and with minimal material requirements.

Poster: Your partner for process automation
Poster: Your partner for process automation
Electric Automation - Product overview
Electric Automation - Product overview Seamless connectivity from the workpiece to the cloud!

A perfect fit of controllers, servo drives and mechanics – thanks
to quick configuration with PositioningDrives and commissioning with just a few clicks with the Festo Automation Suite.

The dock “thinks” for itself
The dock “thinks” for itself Decentralised Control in Bulk Material Handling

The world of bulk material handling seems easy at first glance: moving, filling, delivering. The art of dealing with a variety of different materials, however, lies in the details, such as the docking and undocking of containers at weighing stations. In the process, crosscontaminations

and the release of dusts can occur. AZO CleanDock prevents this

problem. Its latest generation can do even more: it “thinks” for itself. Directly attached to the dock, the integrated controller CEC of the modular electrical terminal CPX from Festo ensures additional process security and shortened commissioning times.

Automation Technology
Automation Technology Pneumatic and electrical components
  • Pneumatic drives
  • Servopneumatic positioning systems
  • Electromechanical drives
  • Motors and controllers
  • Grippers
  • Handling systems
  • Vacuum technology
  • Valves
  • Valve terminals
  • Sensors
  • Image processing systems
  • Compressed air preparation
  • Pneumatic connection technology
  • Electrical connection technology
  • Control technology and software
  • Other pneumatic devices
  • Ready-to-install solutions
  • Services
Electric automation
Electric automation Electric automation without compromise

Put your trust in a partner who has been setting technological standards for decades. Whether in pneumatic or electric automation. And don't expect anything less than a complete package, from mechanical systems to integrated motion control solutions and subsystems.

Small parts assembly and electronic industry
Small parts assembly and electronic industry Pneumatic and electrical components
Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 From vision to reality – Status 2020

Many concepts from the past have been overtaken by the fourth industrial revolution: business models, partnerships, customer interfaces, value chains, and even the traditional automation pyramid – all are undergoing huge change. As an innovator and trendsetter in fieldbus technology, Festo will make a major contribution to reshaping the future with new concepts for Industry 4.0.

Factory Automation:
Factory Automation: Learning solutions for basic and advanced training
Servo-pneumatic drive solution YHBP for balancers of all kinds
Servo-pneumatic drive solution YHBP for balancers of all kinds Move loads effortlessly!

People who continuously move loads need technical and ergonomic support. With servo-pneumatic balancers, heavy loads can be moved at the touch of a finger. At the heart of the balancer is Festo’s safe and powerful drive solution YHBP. It offers extremely fast, automatic weight detection and safety up to Performance Level d, perfect for the automotive, electronics, food and packaging industries.

Dispensing – bdtronic GmbH
Dispensing – bdtronic GmbH Article from customer magazine 1.2016

Perfect curves
Dispensing casting resin

Dispensing – bdtronic GmbH
Dispensing – bdtronic GmbH Brief application example

Handling solution for moving and positioning a dispensing head

Dispensing – bdtronic GmbH
Dispensing – bdtronic GmbH Detailed user report

Protecting electronics with a compact handling system

Product Overview for Process Automation
Product Overview for Process Automation
Study on parallel kinematic system with CPX/EMCA
Study on parallel kinematic system with CPX/EMCA Robotics without a control cabinet

Robotics is getting ready for Industry 4.0 with the high-speed handling system EXPT with CPX/EMCA. CPX control technology from Festo for an IP65/67 environment and the numerous functions included in the new “integrated drive” EMCA facilitate robotic functionality without a control cabinet that is close to revolutionary. The pioneering combination of standard and cost-effective components is further enhanced by the latest Festo hardware and software. And it offers even more:


Automation technology/PLC training packages
Automation technology/PLC training packages

Control system, Process, Didactics Forward-looking training is ultimately all about reliable and efficient automation of production processes.


  • Automation systems must correspond to those in future workplaces
  • Processes must be as close as possible to those used in actual production
  • The training content and methods must lead to expertise, which future specialist staff can use to secure their and their companies’ future.
Decentralised control concepts
Decentralised control concepts

Installation and control concepts are influencing each other more than ever before, especially as we move towards Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is only through effective interaction between these architectures that modular, flexible and adaptable production concepts with decentralised intelligence, pre-processing, autonomous machines or subsystems, cyber-physical systems – in other words, smart factories – will be successful.

Optimized Motion Series
Optimized Motion Series Easy for you!

Optimized Motion Series (OMS) offers electrical axes with optimizedperformance at significantly lower cost than conventional electricalsolutions. Each OMS axis consists of an electromechanical actuatorwith permanently mounted motor, a set of cables and a drive. Easy sizing and selection, ordering and commissioning makes the OMS products a breeze to work with.

Pressing - Harwin PLC
Pressing - Harwin PLC Article from customer magazine tia 1.2017

Flexible, yet standardised:
Servo presses and handling systems for connector assembly

Pressing - Harwin Plc
Pressing - Harwin Plc Brief application example

Modular and scalable automation concept for connector assembly

Your partner for process automation
Your partner for process automation
LifeTech - Technology for Life Sciences
LifeTech - Technology for Life Sciences Components for medical technology and laboratory automation

The healthcare sector worldwide is facing ever greater

challenges – challenges that could also be addressed by

industrial automation. Festo’s LifeTech division offers

forward-looking answers as well as innovative solutions

for medical technology and laboratory automation. Festo

supports systems and equipment manufacturers by

combining top quality with maximum efficiency in

components and custom-specific solutions.

Compact handling system
Compact handling system Flexible handling!

Screwdriving, dispensing, testing, soldering, gripping, opening and closing containers and much more: the compact handling system forms the basis for a wide variety of desktop applications. This well-matched system kit comprising kinematics, controller and software saves you money and reduces your time to market – from development to programming and commissioning.

Optimised Motion Series
Optimised Motion Series Electric cylinder EPCO and motor controller CMMO-ST

Optimised Motion Series – the system: low-cost with optimised performance.

A package that makes positioning easier than ever before – and significantly less expensive than conventional electric positioning systems. Electric cylinder EPCO with stepper motor EMMS-ST – simple like a pneumatic cylinder but with the advantages of electric drives and motor controller CMMO-ST in the ServoLite.

Handling systems
Handling systems The whole range: standard, compact, highly dynamic and application specific

Festo offers you a diverse range of handling systems for a multitude of applications, from standard solutions for common applications through

to customised solutions. In addition, our ready-to-install systems, software and support services mean less work for you. We support you from the design stage through to installation and commissioning.

Electrical connection technology
Electrical connection technology for space-saving connections
Servo press kit YJKP for electric press-fitting applications
Servo press kit YJKP for electric press-fitting applications Low-cost press-fitting

The modular servo press kit YJKP gives you just the software functions you need for your application. It provides you with an excellent price/performance ratio for your extremely precise press-fitting system with its high level of repetition accuracy. Simple, cost-effective and quick to install.

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