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Please note, that these files are not necessarily valid for the product you have searched for. These documents are only valid for the products described in the files.
Certificate UL-GE-E331130-20190830 Certificate
Certificate R-R-FTO-KC-2018-1092 Certificate
Certificate TUV-SY-01/205U5696.00/22 Machine safety - UK type-examination
Certificate UL-GE-20190909-E331130 General product safety - UL USA and Canada
Certificate TUV-SY-01/205/5696.00/19 Machine safety - EC type-examination
Declaration of conformity E-R-M NoShortTitle
Declaration of conformity UK E-R-M NoShortTitle
Declaration of conformity E-R-M Declaration of conformity
Declaration of conformity UK E-R-M Declaration of conformity
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