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Security white paper for Festo controllers

This document is intended to provide users of Festo control products with an introduction and support on how Festo controllers can be used as securely as possible from the point of view of cyber security.

Alarm Handling at Festo Controllers Alarm Handling at Festo Controllers; CPX-E-CEC-x; CPX-CEC-*-V3

This Application Note describes the limitations of alarm configuration
on Festo PLC with Codesys runtime 3.5.15.x

Festo Synchronized Drive Control Festo Synchronized Drive Control

The FestoSynchronizedDriveControl_library offers function
blocks and methods to synchronize motion of 2 ore more axis.

Library in download-file included.


Lizenzhandling auf Festo Steuerungen Lizenz Datei auf Festo Steuerung; Festo App World

Beschreibung, wie Lizenzen aus der Festo App World auf Festo
Steuerungen verwendet werden können.

This application note helps the user to understand the File Handling CPX-E-CEC

This application note helps the user to understand the File Han-dling operations of Codesys PLC’s.

The application note explains the File handling functions of Codesys controller.

The application note also explains data logging operation by writing the PLC data to a csv file in the USB memory.

FSA-202208 - Security Advisory - Unsafe default Codesys configuration Multiple Festo products contain an unsafe default Codesys configuration

The products are shipped with an unsafe configuration of the integrated CODESYS Runtime environment. In this case no default password is set to the CODESYS PLC and therefore access without authentication is possible.


With a successful established connection to the CODESYS Runtime the PLC-Browser commands are available. Thus granting the possibilities to e.g. read and modify the configuration file(s), start/stop the application and reboot the device.

FSA-202209 - Security Advisory - Incomplete documentation of remote accessible functions and protocols Incomplete documentation of remote accessible functions and protocols in Festo products

Incomplete Festo product documentation of remote accessible functions and their required IP ports. Depending on the product a description of the supported features can be found in the product documentation to some extent.


Festo developed the products according to the respective state of the art. As a result, the protocols used no longer fully meet today's security requirements. The products are designed and developed for use in sealed-off (industrial) networks. If the network is not adequately sealed off, unauthorized access to the product can cause damage or malfunctions, particularly Denial of Service (DoS) or loss of integrity.

EtherNet/IP Device description file (eds file) CPX-E-CEC-C1/M1-EP Controller Version 1.1

EtherNet/IP Device description file (eds file)

CPX-E-CEC-C1/M1-EP Controller Version 1.1

EtherNet/IP Device description file (eds file)

for Festo CPX-E-CEC-C1/M1-EP Controller
Supported systems:
Controller CPX-E-CEC-C1-EP
Controller CPX-E-CEC-M1-EP

CODESYS OPC DA server CODESYS Development System >= V3.5 SP12

This application note describes the license dependency with the CODESYS OPC DA server and possible alternatives for CODESYS Development System >= V3.5 SP12

CPX-E-EP Integration with Omron Sysmac PLC through EtherNet/IP communication CPX-E-EP, Omron Sysmac, ETH/IP; NJ301; Example project included

A brief explanation of the this document describes about Integration
of Festo CPX-E-EP Expansion Modules
( IO-Link Master's, Digital Input's, Digital Output's, Analog Inputs'
& Analog Output's ) with Omron Sysmac PLC via Ethernet-
IP Protocol.
It also describes about the Integration of Festo CPX-E-EP
Modules with Omron NJ301 Series PLC.

Modbus TCP/IP Communication between Siemens and Codesys Controller CPX-E-CEC

This application note helps the user to establish Modbus com-munication between Siemens PLC and Codesys PLC.

It explains the configurations needed in both the controllers in order to achieve Modbus communication between them.

It also explains the Function Blocks needed in Siemens PLC side to establish Modbus communication.

Commissioning of CMMT-AS in Festo Automation Suite with CPX-E-CEC-M1-PN CMMT-AS-...-EC; CPX-E-CEC-M1-PN; Example project included

This application note describes step by step how you configure a CMMT-AS-EC with CPX-E-CEC-M1-PN in Automation Suite and how you can use the SoftMotion libraries.

CPX-E-EP IO's Access in Allen-Bradley PLC CPX-E-EP Expansion Modules, Allen-Bradley

This Document Describes about Access of CPX-E-EP Expansion Modules ( Digital Input's, Digital Output's, Analog Inputs' & Ana-log Output's) with AB PLC via EtherNet-IP Protocole. It also de-scribes about the Hardware Configuration of CPX-E-EP Module & Expa

FESTO Controller Modbus TCP/IP Communication With Allen-Bradley PLC Festo PLC; Rockwell

This Application note gives detailed explanation about Festo PLC Modbus TCP/IP communication with Allen-Bradley PLC as Master & Slave

ProfiNet Communication between CPX-E-CEC-C1-PN with S7-1200/1500 PLC CPX-E-CEC-P1-PN; Siemens S7-1200/1500 PLC

Brief explanation on how to communicate CPX-E-CEC-P1-PN with Siemens S7-1200 PLC.

Commissioning of IO-Link Devices over EtherCAT in Codesys V3 CPX-E-4IOL; CPX-E-EC; Codesys V3

The application note contains a step by step explanation how to

commission of IO-Link Devices connected to CPX-E-4IOL trough EtherCAT Fieldbus module CPX-E-EC in Codesys V3

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