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Standard cylinder DSBC to ISO 15552 20/09/2023 Clever cushioning with PPS

The standard cylinder DSBC with the self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning adapts optimally to changes in loads and speed.

Engineering Change Notification 18/04/2023 ECN No. 256417
Declaration of conformity UK X 07/08/2021 Declaration of conformity

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Top downloads

service2see: DSBC DSBF-C Replacing the set of wearing parts DSBC DSBF-C


FDT 3D — Festo Design Tool 3D Quick, error-free, automated generation and ordering of product modules in your CAD format

The Festo Design Tool 3D is a 3D product configurator with which specific CAD product combinations from Festo can be created. The module created in this way can then be ordered with a single order code – either completely preassembled or as individual parts in a single box. As a result, your bill of materials is shortened enormously and downstream processes such as product ordering, parts pulling and assembly are simplified to a significant extent.

Version 2016 (V10.00)
PPS-Check With this engineering software you will get an estimation of the functionality for your cylinder with PPS cushioning.

Supported Products:

  • ADN
  • DSNU
  • DSBC
  • DSBF
  • DSBG

Requirements: .net-Framework 3.5

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