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Mass flow controller VEMD Flow rate ranges up to 200 l/min

In many applications, the flow of air or other gases must be controlled.
Oxygen is becoming increasingly important, not just in the
life sciences sector, but also in food and biotech. The gas must
always be precisely dosed, whether it is used to control protective
gases in production or for breathing air in medical devices. And
meeting the high demands on reliability and performance is just as
important as cost efficiency. The new VEMD does both: it offers high
dynamic response and is very favourably priced.

Proportional flow control valve VEMD Mass flow controller for medical devices

In mobile applications, e.g. portable oxygen generators, the emphasis is on minimal energy consumption and low weight. At the same time devices should offer high reliability and resistance to the stresses of everyday operation. Piezo technology is one of several key technologies offered by Festo.

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