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Quick Order Sheet: Solenoid valves VOFD/VOFC and solenoid coils VACC Extremely sturdy and corrosion-resistant

Number one choice as a control valve
Designed for the toughest demands, even in extreme environments
Certificates, expert opinions and testimonials demonstrate that the solenoid valves are suitable for the toughest demands when it comes to operational safety, availability and flexibility in use. Even outdoors and in difficult ambient conditions. The world’s preferred ignition protection types are offered: Ex e mb, Ex ia, Ex db and Ex d.

White paper: Automating on/off process valves A comparison of actuation methods for pneumatic actuators

On/off process valves can be automated in different ways using pneumatics. This white paper looks at automation using an individual valve, a valve terminal and a digital valve terminal, and compares the three actuation methods in terms of:

• Required hardware/components and the installation

effort involved

• Investment costs

• Potential for compressed air savings and increased

energy efficiency

• Diagnostic and maintenance options

• Potential for function integration

• Possible applications in safety-related circuits

• Possible applications in potentially explosive areas

15 years without any failures Tried and tested solenoid valve technology from Festo for SIL applications

For many years now, the products of Bayer Division Crop Science have been contributing to good yields and bigger harvests in more than 120 countries around the world; they are thus helping to ensure that world populations receive adequate supplies of high quality foods.


The R&D process for a new crop protection product takes 10 to 15 years. To enable fast and individual production, Bayer created a new multi-purpose system in 2002 which places huge demands on safety and reliability.

Poster: Your partner for process automation
Text for invitation to tender - Namur pilot valve VOFC
Pneumatic automation concepts A comparison of individual valves and valve terminals

Individual valves or valve terminals – which is the most suitable option for actuating pneumatically automated process valves? What are the technological and economic differences between the two? We will use a cost comparison to compare and contrast the two options. And what are the differences in terms of commissioning? Which diagnostic options are available with valve terminals for reducing unscheduled downtime? These are the questions that will be examined in this article.

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