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Solenoid valves VUVG
A colpo sicuro! Lo strumento ideale per la semplice selezione di valvole e unità di valvole
Info Valvole e unità di valvole VG

La serie di valvole VG si distingue per la molteplicità di funzioni e l’impiego universale

Poster: Your partner for process automation
A colpo sicuro!
Miniature pilot valve for the VUVG Small and inexpensive

Its size makes it ideal in tight spaces and it comes complete with vacuum functions. It is used in medical devices as well as for liquid handling in laboratory automation.

Quick order sheet Compact valve VUVG selected products from the VUVG series

New: focused features at an attractive price

Pneumatic and electric modules of the valve terminal VTUG The compact platform for your application
VUVG Application and Statement 2011, 1.44 Min
Industria tessile

Con i prodotti del Core Range Festo è facile aumentare la produttività delle vostre macchine tessili. Per qualsiasi tipo di lavorazione, dalla filatura alla tessitura, dalla stiro-testurizzazione alla lavorazione circolare e rettilinea per maglieria, fino al finissaggio, Festo offre i prodotti giusti per ogni applicazione.

The Festo Core Product Range Worldwide available, quickly delivered, priceattractive

Covers 80% of your automation tasks

The Festo Core Product Range Worldwide available, quickly delivered, priceattractive

Covers 80% of your automation tasks

One-way flow control valve VFOE Lightweight and price-attractive

The new, manually adjustable one-way flow control valve VFOE with push-to-lock function is perfect for standard applications. The attractively priced valve is particularly well suited to installation in tight spaces, e.g. in the electronics industry.

Angled gripper DHWC The cost-effective alternative

The compact and light angled gripper DHWC is ideal for use in the electronics and small parts industry and also for battery production thanks to its reduced copper, zinc and nickel content. And it is cost-effective too, helping you to manage your production costs.

Product flyer for the automotive industry Automation solutions for the automotive and Tier 1 supplier industry
PSI Long-stroke gripper DHPL
Process Automation - Product Overview (PAPSO)
Products for Your Everyday Automation Needs

Festo quality at attractive prices covering your standard automation tasks.

Highlights 2022
Pulse valve VSVA Energy savings of up to 80%

Install and save:
In applications where chips or dust need to be removed or parts need to be dried and transported, the 2x 3/2-way solenoid valve VSVA with pulse function is a great asset. Not only does it reduce energy consumption, it also saves compressed air during pauses. When used as an air blast valve, the blast pulse is stronger than with a continuous air flow. This pays off within a very short time.

Miniature valves VOVK Only 5.9 mm wide

Extremely slim and small yet high performing, with a pressure range of up to 7 bar or down to 0.9 bar under vacuum: ideal if you want to operate a large number of switching valves next to each other in a small space. The 3/2-way NC valve with a flow rate of up to 5.8 l/min can also be expanded to a valve terminal with up to 20 positions.

Valve Landscape_2020
Linear/swivel clamps CLR-CS Linear/swivel clamps CLR-CS

Linear/swivel clamps CLR-CS

One-way flow control valve VFOE
Panoramica prodotti
Intelligent automation solutions using electrics and pneumatics Product overview from the control to the field level

Controls, Controller, Drives, axes, cylinder, operation, visualisation, front unit, gripper, sensors, air preparation, accessories, customer solutions, handling systems

Tecnologia dell’automazione Elementi pneumatici ed elettrici
Media valve series VODA From the individual component to the integration solution

Ideal for laboratory analysis of clinical sample preparations, using highly integrated fluid technology from Festo. Sophisticated technology, advanced control electronics with maximum manufacturing precision together guarantee precise metering results from Festo liquid handling solutions.

Proportional valves for closed-loop control of inert gases in process automation
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