15 years without any failures
Tried and tested solenoid valve technology from Festo for SIL applications

For many years now, the products of Bayer Division Crop Science have been contributing to good yields and bigger harvests in more than 120 countries around the world; they are thus helping to ensure that world populations receive adequate supplies of high quality foods.


The R&D process for a new crop protection product takes 10 to 15 years. To enable fast and individual production, Bayer created a new multi-purpose system in 2002 which places huge demands on safety and reliability.

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Application description
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15 years without any failures
15 Jahre ohne Ausfälle
15 años sin averías
15 ans sans aucune panne - Technologie d’électrodistributeur de Festo testée et éprouvée pour les applications SIL
15 anos sem falhas - Técnica comprovada de válvulas solenoides da Festo para aplicações SIL