Mechanically coupled rodless flat cylinder DLGF
Very attractively priced!

The space-saving, extremely flat and rodless DLGF is 45% flatter than the DGC-KF. It is ideal not only for the electronics industry and small parts assembly, but wherever installation space is very limited. The sophisticated technology (e.g. the self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning PPS) is equally impressive – as is the very low price.

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Product information in brief
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Mechanically coupled rodless flat cylinder DLGF
Mechanisch gekoppelter kolbenstangenloser Linearantrieb DLGF
Actuador lineal DLGF sin vástago y con acoplamiento mecánico
Vérin plat sans tige à couplage mécanique DLGF
机械式耦合扁平无杆气缸 DLGF