White paper: Automating on/off process valves
A comparison of actuation methods for pneumatic actuators

On/off process valves can be automated in different ways using pneumatics. This white paper looks at automation using an individual valve, a valve terminal and a digital valve terminal, and compares the three actuation methods in terms of:

• Required hardware/components and the installation

effort involved

• Investment costs

• Potential for compressed air savings and increased

energy efficiency

• Diagnostic and maintenance options

• Potential for function integration

• Possible applications in safety-related circuits

• Possible applications in potentially explosive areas

Document type:
Special publication
Title Version
White paper: Automating on/off process valves
White Paper: Automatisierung von Auf-/Zu-Prozessventilen
Libro blanco: Automatización de válvulas de proceso para apertura y cierre