Spindle axis ELGT for cantilever systems
Optimal: cantilever systems in 2D and 3D

The compact and low-cost spindle axes ELGT with integrated double guide are perfect for integrating into 2D and 3D cantilever systems. They have been developed for a wide range of applications, whether in the electronics industry, in desktop applications or in battery manufacturing, where they can be easily combined with axes ELGC and mini slide EGSC. Or they can be used in test and inspection systems, in small parts handling or in assembly systems.

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Product information in brief
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Spindle axis ELGT for cantilever systems
Spindelachse ELGT für Auslegersysteme
Eje de accionamiento por husillo ELGT para sistemas en voladizo
Axe à vis ELGT pour manipulateurs en porte-à-faux
캔틸레버 시스템용 스핀들 축 ELGT