{"total":43, "nextOffset":20, "buttonText":"Show 10 more results ...", "group":"2", "data":"Servopneumatics<\ span="">When is it right to use servopneumatics? Your application decides!<\ span="">Brochure<\ span=""><\ a="">Integrated Controller CPX-CEC<\ span="">A smart automation solution for drinking water treatment<\ span="">Video<\ span=""><\ a="">Independent platform from control to the front end<\ span="">Poster<\ span=""><\ a="">Textile industry<\ span="">Brochure<\ span=""><\ a="">Smartenance – the app for mobile digital maintenance management<\ span="">Faster and easier ...<\ span="">Product information in brief<\ span=""><\ a="">Intelligent automation solutions using electrics and pneumatics<\ span="">Product overview from the control to the field level<\ span="">Poster<\ span=""><\ a="">Highlights 2019<\ span="">Digitalisation – the key to increased productivity<\ span="">Program summary<\ span=""><\ a="">Automation Technology<\ span="">Pneumatic and electrical components<\ span="">Catalogue<\ span=""><\ a="">Integrated control cabinet solutions with CPX-E and VTUG<\ span="">Smart combination!<\ span="">Product information<\ span=""><\ a="">ISO valve terminal VTSA – maximum functionality<\ span="">Strong fl ow rate!<\ span="">Product information<\ span=""><\ a="">"}