Push-in fittings

Push-in fittings for pneumatics

Pneumatic push-in fittings are the standard on the pneumatic fittings market and are very widely used. What sets them apart is the easy release function for the tube, i.e. by pressing a releasing ring. These fittings are used with the standard O.D. tubing that is commonly available on the market.

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Push-in fittings from Festo

Festo offers push-in fittings in a wide variety of designs made of PBT and/or brass. For special requirements, we also stock push-in fittings made of stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, as well as media-resistant fittings made of polypropylene and weld spatter-resistant models made of reinforced PBT. In addition, we have push-in cartridges, fluid separators and rotatable push-in fittings in our range.

Pneumatic traditional fittings have several advantages. The end simply pushes the hose into the socket and the connection to the compressed air system is complete! An internal locking ring with several claws prevents the hose from slipping out of the plug-in coupling. But loosening and removing the hose is still very easy. The external, blue-coloured ring can be pressed to open the internal locking ring, after which the hose can be easily pulled out, without tools. Different push fit fittings and different sizes make all connections possible.

  • Different components of push fit fittings (most commonly used coupling)
  • Locking ring
  • Stainless steel ring with claw
  • Housing
  • Release ring
  • Seal

In this case, it is important to use hoses with a certain outer diameter for leak-free connection in the push fit fittings.

Push-fit couplings are also available with optimised sealing systems, with materials for use at higher temperatures, in food production, and in corrosion-resistant versions.

Basic shapes of most commonly used push fit fittings.

Besides the connection technology used, the mechanical design of the couplings, i.e. their basic shape, also plays a role in the choice. As already mentioned above, the reliable mechanical design is important in view of the available installation space. Looking at what is available on the top brands of the market, we quickly discover that despite the wide variety of manufacturers and variants of products, there are only a few basic shapes.

Here are some selection criteria:


L-shape as a 360° rotatable connector. These connectors are only available with a right angle. But after they are screwed on (with internal thread or external thread), the outlet angle can be freely adjusted by manually rotating the plug-in connector. A spanner is required for installation. Therefore, installation in tight spaces may be difficult under certain conditions.

Swivel coupling

This is also an L-shaped connector (QSLV), but the middle part is freely rotatable. Some variants allow alignment during installation, while others allow continuous rotation during operation. Festo's connectors, for example, feature integrated ball bearings and allow rotation at speeds of up to 500 RPM.


These connectors (t-piece insert fittings) are used to connect two hoses, or to split a single pipe in two with the t-piece. They also exist for three hoses or more. Depending on which of these two situations is the case, the maximum flow rate is reduced or increased. As is also the case with L-shaped fittings, the transition at the "Y-node" prevents flow. If a large number of connectors (push-in fittings) of this type are used, flow rates and pressure levels in long pipes are significantly reduced.

Straight connections (straight push-in couplings)

Simple method of extending the length of pipes in a straight line. Because the effective inner diameter is not reduced relative to the pipe itself, the impact on flow rates is reduced to an absolute minimum with these push-in couplings. Always use suitable tools to cut the hose easily and correctly. Bevelled or knurled hose ends can damage the seal material and compressed air will escape from the push-in coupling.

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