Stop valves

Stop valves – pneumatics

In pneumatics, stop valves allow the controlled opening and closing of piping and thus of the compressed air supply. In addition to check valves and quick exhaust valves, Festo also offers shut-off valves, ball valves and logic valves for pneumatic applications.

Check valves and quick exhaust valves

Check valves and quick exhaust valves combine the function of flow control and stop valves in one component. The compressed air can flow freely in one direction, while in the opposite direction the flow rate can be changed by an adjusting element. Check valves and quick exhaust valves are often used with pneumatic cylinders to regulate speed. A stop valve that has been very successful in pneumatics and is therefore part of our Core Range is the HGL with a piloted non-return function. The HGL has an external thread so it can be screwed in, it is pneumatically piloted and is compatible with M5, G1/8...G1/2 connections as well as fittings QS-4...QS-12. The stop valves H, HA and HB with non-return function can be used for a wide range of applications thanks to the connecting threads and plug-in connection on both sides. The piloted check valve VBNF has a low overall height, can be rotated 360° horizontally when mounted and allows a high flow rate. The valves SE, SEU and VBQF are suitable for quick exhausting. The latter stands out thanks to its low installation height, high flow rate and reduced noise emission.

Check valves

Shut-off valves and ball valves

The manual shut-off function of shut-off valves and ball valves completely blocks the compressed air supply in both directions. Shut-off valves and ball valves are often used in pneumatics for the decentralised shut-off function of the compressed air supply.

The Festo shut-off valve HE and ball valves QH, QH-QS, and QHS-QS are manually operated stop valves. The HE can be connected via a thread or plug and can be mounted in different ways. The ball valve QH is installed directly on the line and has a female thread on both sides. The QH-QS and QHS-QS are installed either directly on the line or using a bulkhead fitting. Our hand slide valve VBOH is used for pressurising and exhausting compressed air systems, e.g. upstream of service unit combinations, with air guns and for exhausting pneumatic cylinders. The VBOH is non-overlapping, so there is no risk of any pressure loss when switching.

Ball valves and on off valves

Logic valves

Logic valves are used to design simple pneumatic control systems in an uncomplicated way. AND/OR gates are some of the most well-known versions.

Our VK-R-M5 and VLO-R-M5 products are amplifier or NOT modules for use with pneumatic sensors. The Festo logic element ZK is a dual-pressure valve that links two input signals via the AND function. Like the logic element OS used in pneumatic control systems, it is mounted via a through-hole.

Pneumatic logic valves