SupraModule: wireless control for a variety of functions

SupraModule: modular and autonomous

Wireless control for a variety of functions

In emerging fields such as laboratory automation or biotechnology, production plants have to meet extremely high cleaning and cleanliness standards. With superconductor technology, objects can be moved and handled contact-free, which is ideal for such applications. The SupraModule makes it possible to wirelessly control functions on a magnetic, levitating carrier with an autonomous power supply.

Medical technology, laboratory automation, biotechnology and food production are decisive emerging fields of automation that harbour significant growth potential over the coming decades. Contactless, frictionless handling through walls and in any spatial position, as is possible with superconductor technology, allows completely new automation solutions in these fields – particularly in ultra-clean environments. Cleanliness and reliable cleaning are the basic requirements for hygienic and safe production in these applications.

Contactless production of the future

Separating the product and handling in a vacuum, in a clean room, in gases or liquids enables protected transport that meets the most stringent requirements. Their special properties unlock tremendous potential for superconductors wherever contact-free storage or handling is required. Automation can thus also penetrate areas that were previously considered impossible or extremely difficult to automate.

SupraModule: wireless control for a variety of functions

Basis for the gripper: the magnetic carrier with built-in control electronics and power supply

The SupraModule allows different applications to be levitated with the same system. A magnetic carrier with built-in control electronics and power supply serves as the basis for this. It levitates at a distance of ten millimetres above a cryostat with superconductors. Depending on the requirements, various systems can be attached to the carrier, for example a compact gripper or a pipettor.

The systems can be controlled wirelessly. This means that the SupraModule can be used for applications in sealed spaces, which is particularly beneficial in laboratory automation and medical technology, for example.