Battery manufacturing

Automation for battery manufacturing

Wherever you manufacture your batteries, Festo is there for you. We provide the right expertise and products, and excellent service to match, too. And we have proven ourselves many times over in a multitude of projects for leading battery manufacturers. As a single source supplier for all tasks, we offer a complete range of copper-free, zinc-free and dry-room-compatible components for battery manufacturing.

Speed and precision for your battery manufacturing

From cells and module production to inserting the battery systems, Festo has high-speed, ready-to-install, tested handling systems for the entire battery production process.

Success story: future battery production

Electric vehicles are setting a trend. However, their success depends on high-performance and cost-effective batteries. In the UK, the pilot project AMPLiFII at WMG is laying the foundations of a new generation of traction batteries. The project includes innovative automation technology from Horizon Instruments with a Festo pick and place solution.

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Copper-free products FAQ

What does “copper-free” mean at Festo?

Generally speaking, there are no binding and explicit standards for copper-free products as required in battery manufacturing. Festo therefore adheres to criteria commonly used in the market. We have had extensive discussions with our customers about the requirements that copper-free products need to fulfil. This has resulted in the following guidelines: for Festo products, free of copper means that

  • bearings, guides and all other parts that are subject to friction are completely copper-free.
  • the amount of copper included in the alloys used for all other parts of the product is kept to a minimum.

Cables, motors, PCBs and pilot valves are exempt from the copper-free requirement.

Which products are free of copper?

Around 95% of our standard products are already free of copper. For example, cylinder guides are frequently made of polymer.

In addition, we've optimised further products for use specifically in dry rooms and have replaced components containing copper with copper-free ones. An overview of the copper-free products from Festo can be found in the special catalogue “Copper-free pneumatic and electric components". Even if you can't find the copper-free variant you’re looking for in the catalogue, there’s almost always a simple solution. Just ask your contact person at Festo.

Which products are available from stock?

Around half of our copper-free products are part of the Core Range and are identified with a full blue star. This means they’re always in stock worldwide and are ready to be shipped within 24 hours.

When do I need copper-free products?

There aren’t any binding industrial standards that you have to comply with. Nor does the VDMA roadmap include any relevant information up to now.

Copper-free solutions are a question of a quality assurance. Even minimal contamination with abraded copper can cause problems when producing lithium-ion batteries. The copper particles react with the aluminium electrodes, which impairs performance and results in the formation of crystals. Crystals and other electrically conductive particles that are larger than 5 to 10 µm can perforate the separator foil and cause short circuits.

If you’re uncertain whether your application requires copper-free components, our application experts will be happy to provide you with quick and reliable advice and help.

Do the products survive the dry room?

Yes. You can use our standard components in dry room environments without any worries. This has been supported by laboratory tests and by practical experience with test systems as well as industrial production applications. The tests were carried out under ambient conditions with a dew point of -65° C. In all cases, products from Festo retain their quality characteristics in the dry room, especially where wear and performance are concerned.

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For electric vehicles, battery production is the critical factor. Be part of the move to unlock the full potential – with automation technology from Festo.

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Field reports from the electronics industry

The race for efficient systems is already well under way. Our observations indicate that efficient automation can considerably reduce the costs of manufacturing batteries.
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