Meat processing with clean design components

Safe automation in meat processing

Hygiene is the most important factor in meat processing. Each of your systems, from slaughtering to meat processing and packaging, must be meticulously designed to prevent contamination. That is why we have pneumatic and electric automation solutions that are engineered to have a hygienic design, are extremely sturdy and easy to clean – making them perfect for meat and sausage processing.

Key safety questions

Machine safety

Meat processing – emergency stop

When it comes to operating machines, safety comes first for Festo. Using safe pneumatic and electric components from Festo provides you with the certainty that your safety measures are being implemented in compliance with the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This enables you to achieve optimum safety at your workstations. With our industry experience, we guide companies through the various stages of risk assessment, designing a safety plan, validation and much more – and with practical on-site training for your employees too.

Food safety

Meat processing – clean design valve terminal MPA-C

We don’t cut any corners when it comes to food safety. We supply you with suitable automation components for meat processing machines that are built using durable materials and engineered for hygiene. Everything you need to quickly achieve a perfectly hygienic and clean condition.

We are very aware of how things have to be done in your industry, and our experts are familiar with the relevant standards and directives.
More about food safety

Reliably tight packaging

An example of a food packaging application is one where you need to be able to handle materials of different thicknesses and levels of quality, while making sure that the tension is right for each material. If not, the goods might be damaged or the packaging may not be fully sealed. The utmost care must be taken, especially when feeding in the material – even tiny inaccuracies can lead to a loss of quality in production.
The solution is a dancer control system that integrates all the functions decentrally on the valve terminal MPA. This includes our terminal CPX, which you can use to easily incorporate pneumatic and electric control chains into any automation concept. Our easy-to-clean stainless-steel round cylinder CRDSNU ensures that your processes remain spotless.

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