Dispense head VTOE

Contactless dispensing of very small quantities with the high-precision dispense head VTOE. This modular complete solution consists of a manifold duct plate, dosing valves and nozzles. Media-separated valves prevent cross-contamination and ensure optimal flushing.
  • Basic function: dosing
  • Ready-to-install dosing solution saves time and costs
  • Compact 9 mm grid dimension
  • Suitable for sensitive and aggressive liquids
  • Ideally suited to non-contact dispensing of liquid media
  • Maximum dosing precision down to the microlitre range
  • Small internal volume makes it easy to rinse
  • 1- or 8-channel dispense head
  • Typical coefficient variation (CV): < 1% at 10 to 1000 μl
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Compact, flexible and highly precise

  • Compact 9 mm grid, individual stacking dimensions > 9 mm available on request
  • Maximum dosing precision with coefficient of variation (CV) < 1%
  • Minimum dispensing volume: 1 µl
  • Maximum flexibility in the number of dispensing channels
  • Ideal for dosing applications
  • High chemical resistance against aggressive media
  • Small internal volume makes it easy to rinse

Single-channel dispense head VTOE

This compact dispense head is optimally sized for the 9 mm grid and makes very high-precision dosing possible.

Typical applications:

  • Producing dilutions
  • Adding nutrient solutions
  • Dosing reagents

8-channel dispense head with cover VTOE-8

The system is optimally designed for microwell plates and enables a very high throughput as well as dosing of various fill quantities and liquid media. By individually controlling the valves, the channels can be coordinated for maximum accuracy and precise dosing Easy connections thanks to sub-D plug.

Typical applications:

  • Preparing samples
  • Dispensing liquid media to microwell plates

Combination options

The dispense heads can be modularly mounted on a rail. This enables different liquid media and fill quantities to be dispensed in parallel.

Typical applications:

  • Flexible stacking dimension
  • Independent dispensing of different liquid media

Different materials for a range of applications

The dispense head VTOE is available in two different variants: with a polycarbonate (PC) manifold duct plate and with a PEEK manifold duct plate. Both variants offer three different dosing needles with different internal diameters as standard. Both use 24 V. PEEK and PC can be mounted in the same grid.

High-quality: PEEK

  • Ideal for applications involving aggressive media
  • Parts that come into contact with fluids are made from PEEK, stainless steel and FFPM

Transparent: polycarbonate

  • With the transparent version the channels can be inspected visually
  • Parts that come into contact with fluids are made from PEEK, stainless steel, PC, FPM and PPS

Dosing head VTOE in application