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Lightweight and low cost!

The new, manually adjustable one-way flow control valve VFOE with push-to-lock function is perfect for standard applications. The attractively priced valve is particularly well suited to installation in tight spaces, e.g. in the electronics industry.


The polymer one-way flow control valve with different valve functions and numerous connection sizes is the perfect solution for standard requirements in pneumatic automation technology. And is also extremely lightweight.

Fast installation and intuitive commissioning

What that means for you is that you save time and costs right from the start, through reliable selection of the required valve function. The colour-coded rotary knobs guarantee easy identification of the appropriate valve function. And thanks to the new, integrated push-to-lock functional principle and quick push-in fitting, installation and commissioning are fast and efficient.

A perfect combination

The VFOE and the tubing PUN-H go together perfectly and leave almost nothing to be desired. In combination with a pneumatic drive, you then have everything you need to adapt the cylinder speed to your specific requirements.

Available worldwide

– and environmentally friendly, if you opt for the bulk packaging that consistently lowers your recycling costs.

The technical highlights briefly explained