Parallel gripper DHPS

The oval piston provides the standard gripper with a powerful grip in many application situations.
  • Sturdy and precise T-slot guidance of the gripper jaws
  • High gripping force and compact size
  • Max. repetition accuracy
  • Can be used as a double- and single-acting gripper
  • Single-acting variant or with gripping force backup, normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC)
  • Suitable for external and internal gripping
  • Wide range of adaptation options on the drives
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DHPS: the powerful standard parallel gripper!

The parallel gripper DHPS boasts a compact design and high gripping forces combined with a small installation size.
It grips securely with maximum repeat accuracy; it also offers features such as a compression spring to support or back up the gripping forces or an internal fixed flow control, as well as centring options for the gripping jaws.
The parallel gripper can be used either as a double-acting or single-acting gripper for external or internal gripping tasks, and is compatible with a large number of drives.