Pinch valve VZQA

Normally closed or normally open? The choice is yours. With the pinch valve VZQA, you can control media flows such as granulate, fluids containing solids and highly viscous or abrasive media even better. The compact valve is quick to install, easy to clean and offers modular configuration.
  • Modular design
  • Quick and easy replacement of the diaphragm
  • For critical, abrasive and viscous media
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Flow direction is freely selectable
  • Versions with end-position sensing
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Control media flows.

Normally closed or normally open? The choice is yours. This will enable you to better control the flow of media such as granulate, liquids containing solid particles or highly viscous and abrasive media. There is virtually no flow resistance, no blockages, minimal dead spaces and it’s easy to clean. This means your media can flow freely.

Modular and with a long service life

The individual components of the VZQA enable modular configuration, whether it’s connection standards, materials or pinch valve sleeves. The sealing cartridge can also be easily replaced without special tools. This is only necessary after around one million switching cycles under certain operating conditions. All this together with the simple mounting make the VZQA pinch valve very economical. Sturdy and reliable in operation.

Normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO)

The normally closed version is now available for the first time without an additional actuator. The aluminium variant offers position sensing via a ring magnet in the piston. In the normally open version the pinch valve sleeve is supplied directly with compressed air.

Easy to clean

Both VZQA versions are easy to clean inside and outside. The full opening of the pinch valve ensures a high flow rate for your medium, thus providing optimal support for your hygienic processes and the cleaning of them.

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