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Maximum flexibility!

With the sensor SPAU for pressure measuring, monitoring and sensing, pressure levels are permanently under control, ensuring greater productivity and process reliability. And commissioning the system is quicker too.

Intelligent pressure measurement

The SPAU is an intelligent pressure sensor with a freely programmable threshold value or window comparator. It has a wide range of functions for non-corrosive gases, consisting of:

  • Mains monitoring
  • Controller monitoring
  • Vacuum monitoring
  • Leak tests
  • Object detection

Remote maintenance and parameterisation, as well as easy sensor replacement, are also possible via IO-Link.

Unique flexibility

The unique flexibility of the pressure adapter guarantees quick and easy mounting in any installation situation. Using a modular system, the pressure outlet direction can be selected to be at the rear or underneath, and the outlet direction of the M8/M12 plug can be at the top, underneath or at the rear. Furthermore, the switchable PNP/NPN current and voltage outputs make it possible to adapt to all control systems.

Easy to use

Thanks to a large, easy-to-read, blue/red LCD display, it is immediately apparent whether the pressure is OK. With the clear 3-key menu navigation, start-up is quick and the pressure switch points can be easily set.

Robust design

The IP65 design enables it to be used in harsh environments.

Optimised installation space

Optimised installation space thanks to integration in the MS4 and MS6 service units.