Standard pneumatic tubing

O.D. pneumatic tubing from Festo

O.D. pneumatic tubing is preferred for use as compressed air and hydraulic lines. They are the current standard in pneumatics and can be used with all common fittings (e.g. QS, NPCK). The tube size is indicated by the outside diameter of the tube.

What are the dangers of using the wrong tube?

The requirements in terms of pressure, temperature, flexibility and environmental influences differ from industry to industry. Around 90% of all cases of damage are caused by the wrong choice of tubing and tubing material. The consequences are energy losses and machine downtime as well as flow rate losses. It is therefore all the more important to find the right pneumatic tube for your application among the wide range of products.

Tubing for every requirement

We stock a wide range of O.D. pneumatic tubing. A popular product from our Core Range is the plastic tubing PUN-H, which can be very successfully combined with QS fittings. It is made of polyurethane and is available in 14 different colours and as a single or double tube. It has excellent kink resistance and can be used flexibly, even in the food industry, thanks to the high quality material. The PUN-H is particularly resistant to microbes and hydrolysis, making it ideal for laying lines quickly and reliably.

Of course, you can also find other O.D. pneumatic tubing from Festo that is tailored to your requirements. All our pneumatic tubes, whether made from polyamide, polyurethane or polyethylene, as well as our customised tubes in individual designs and cut to the length you specify, are economically attractive and reliable for your application.

Accessories for O.D. pneumatic tubing

At Festo you will find suitable accessories for O.D. pneumatic tubing, e.g. to prevent the tubing from kinking/pinching. In addition to tubing straps, spiral tubing wraps and two different tubing supports, you can also obtain a multi-tube holder from us to properly store even large tube assemblies. Other accessories for O.D. pneumatic tubing are our pipe and tubing cutters and the connecting pliers for attaching and removing the plastic tube on barbed fittings.