Digitalisation of production: Smartenance maintenance manager on a tablet

Digitalisation of production

Digitalisation may feel like a leap into the unknown: you know there are huge changes ahead but you are not quite sure what exactly will change and how you can prepare for it. Festo is an automation partner who works with you to shape the digital future and supports you as you take the next steps on your journey. Find out in this overview what the Festo portfolio of digital products and tools has to offer as you continue to forge ahead.

Whichever part of the industrial production process your company deals with, you still face the key question of how and which digital products can make you more productive, faster and more efficient.

Festo can offer you a wide variety of options. These range from Festo Smartenance, your digital maintenance assistant, to the Motion Apps that transform our valve terminal VTEM into a multifunctional automation platform, right through to our digital axis kit, the Handling Guide Online. That is why we have organised our portfolio around the following keywords:

But first, we’d like to invite you to see which digitalised automation solutions already exist and how our digital products are used in practice in these four videos with our industry experts.

What can digitalisation offer your industry?

Automotive industry and Tier 1 suppliers

To schedule and carry out condition-based maintenance, you need to intelligently link and evaluate data from many different sources. This is how big data turns into smart data that helps you.

Food and packaging industry

Traceable production processes down to individual batches are becoming indispensable for you. Different sizes, formats and shapes are also increasingly important to you as your production process is becoming flexible down to batch sizes of 1.

Process Industry

By having novel automation concepts such as modular automation, but also by gathering and analysing data within the cloud, you can unlock unimagined potential for your productivity.

Electronic industry

As a manufacturer, ever shorter cycles in electronics production pose great challenges and demand innovative solutions from your business. This is precisely where digitalisation helps: through flexible mechanics and networking of the manufacturing cells.

Digitalisation in production: staff with tablet in production hall

Software solutions for design, operation, and maintenance

Our App World provides you with software solutions to digitally recreate complete sets of tasks in industrial production.

This has huge benefits. For instance, you can use Smartenance to plan complex maintenance processes and give system operators mobile access to them. Or you can use FluidDraw to create and document complete electrical or pneumatic circuit diagrams in the design phase. Alternatively, Schematic Solution helps you to create and document entire EPLAN projects error-free in no time at all.

Curious? Click here to find out more about these and other software solutions from Festo.

Plan maintenance and support your staff with Smartenance

Create circuit diagrams with FluidDraw

Create EPLAN projects with Schematic Solution

Digitalisation of production: Festo Motion Terminal

Smart automation components

As a leader in industrial automation technology, our work revolves around ensuring that more and more of our products have digital functionality. In other words, products that can generate data about their operation in real time and can send this to other components or control levels in the system. Our energy efficiency module MSE6 is a good example. Another extremely interesting application of digitalisation is our Motion Terminal VTEM. The range of functions for this product can be expanded via an app. These examples show the opportunities that digitalisation offers for industrial automation products.

Find out more about this on our overview page.

Expand functions using apps: VTEM

Live energy efficiency data: MSE6

Optimum connection of pneumatics and the cloud: CPX-IoT gateway

Digitalisation of production: Automation Suite