Still need to migrate your user account?

If you have not yet migrated your username to an e-mail address, please login in for the first time using your original username and password.

You will be asked to provide your business email address that you will need to confirm and validate by clicking on a link sent to you.

Once you have successfully migrated your original username to your email address, you may log in next time, with the username being your email address.

Why do I need to migrate my old username to an email address?

The new shop user management system relies on each user having a unique username. This is best achieved using the user's email address instead of user-defined usernames.

What happens during the migration?

We seamlessly transfer all of your old account settings to your new account. These include any linked accounts or price settings that were previously active.

What to do if I get an error during my migration?

In the event of a failed migration, please let us know as soon as possible by sending an email to

Please state your old username as your reference to help us find the problem as quickly as possible.

5 simple steps to help you migrate effortlessly

1 - Login

Click here to Login and use your current Festo online shop username and password (make sure that you are logged off from the old system).

2 - Unique business email adress

When prompted, enter your unique business email address. This will become your new username.

3 - "Sign out"

You will be “signed out”. A verification email will be sent to confirm your business email address.

4 - Verification email

Click and follow the link in the verification email. It will ask for your current password one more time.

5 - Re-direct to Login screen

You will be re-directed to the new login screen. Now you can use your business email address as your new username with your current password.

If you have forgotten your original username, password, or other migration queries, please contact us: