Round cylinder DSNU-S

Slimmer and shorter than ever before. Ideal for tight installation spaces. Extremely sturdy thanks to its resilient materials.
  • Short variant of ISO cylinder DSNU
  • Quick and easy installation, even in tight spaces
  • Light weight
  • Self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning saves time during commissioning and adapts optimally to load and speed changes
  • Piston rod with male thread
  • For position sensing
  • Variants recommended for production systems for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries
  • Sustainable in production thanks to reduced use of materials
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The space-optimised DSNU-S

The DSNU-...-S, our counterpart to the standards-based cylinder DSNU, is even slimmer and shorter and saves even more space.

Product animation

New cylinder series

How can we support you in building smaller machines and setting up your machines quickly? Our smaller cylinder options will help you do that.