• BionicKangaroo


    Like its natural model, the BionicKangaroo can recover the energy exerted on landing, store it and efficiently use it for the next jump.

  • eMotionSpheres


    With the eMotionSpheres, Festo shows how several flying objects can move – individually or collectively – in a coordinated manner and within a defined space.

  • MultiChoiceGripper


    It combines parallel and centric gripping – without any conversion. Its adaptive fingers adjust flexibly and gently to the widest range of shapes.

  • DualWingGenerator


    Self-optimising, highly efficient and inspired by bird flight: an extraordinary wind power station that uses two opposing pairs of wings to generate power.

Bionic Learning Network

Projects 2014  

Festo was inspired by nature once again in 2014: with the BionicKangaroo, the developers recreated the unique way the kangaroo moves. New impetus for the factory of the future is provided by the eMotionSpheres, capable of autonomous flight, and the MultiChoiceGripper, which combines different grip types and can thereby adapt to suit the item being gripped.