• ExoHand


    New approaches in human-machine cooperation: the freely movable exoskeleton reinforces the strength and endurance of the human hand.

  • CogniGame


    CogniGame is demonstrating the next generation of operational concepts for human-machine interaction: controlling a system purely by the power of thought.

  • SmartInversion


    Inspiration for new drive concepts: the flying object filled with helium propels itself by turning itself inside out.

  • PowerGripper


    The PowerGripper is modelled on the complex kinematics of the bird’s beak. In mechanical terms, this is known as Watt’s linkage.

  • SmartBird


    Autonomous starting, flying and landing: The flapping wing as a model for the functional integration of lift and propulsion.

  • Robotino® XT

    Robotino® XT

    The combination of the Robotino® learning robot with the Bionic Handling Assistant opens up new forms of interaction between the human operator and technology.

  • Bionic Tripod 3.0

    Bionic Tripod 3.0

    The adaptive gripper and yielding lightweight design make it ideal for various handling tasks involving human-machine interaction.

  • Bionic Handling Assistant

    Bionic Handling Assistant

    Light, freely moving and yielding – the Bionic Handling Assistant poses no risk even in the event of direct human-machine contact.

Bionic Learning Network

Highlights 2010–2012 

Whether it involves clever grippers, innovative drive concepts or new scopes of action between man and machine – between 2010 and 2012 bionics made a big step towards industrial practice. On top of everything, with the SmartBird, the developers managed to technically decrypt bird flight.

Bionischer Handling-Assistent

Bionischer Handling-Assistent

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