Technical education

Technical education

The first of six fields of activity with regard to corporate responsibility 

Education opens up future prospects to people all over the world and contributes to prosperity and sustainable development. Global markets, which are undergoing constant economic and technological change, repeatedly place new challenges on education systems. Education makes a contribution to equal opportunities and age-appropriate learning provides an answer to demographic change. As Festo, we are setting international standards for technical training and making our contribution to tomorrow’s knowledge-based society.

Concepts for technical education in the USA


Encouraging young talent in engineering and scientific disciplines is also important in the USA. Similar to MINT in Germany, in the USA there is the STEM initiative (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Practical technology programmes

Festo Didactic has developed a comprehensive range for this purpose, which expands the very theoretical focus in high schools by means of practical technology programmes. It follows the blended learning approach, a combination of classroom events and Internet-based courses, and enables teachers and students to deal with learning content and objectives largely independently. At the same time it ensures that these are firmly embedded by putting what has been learnt into practice. The students also get an outlook on the subsequent options when it comes to choosing a profession in the technical fields of electrical engineering, water management, renewable energy and bionics.

Training for Industry 4.0

CP Factory

Digitisation places new demands on the technical skilled workers in industry. We solve this challenge with our learning factory: a modular learning environment that enables training along an exemplary production process. Pilot training courses or process qualifications can be carried out there at any time during the working day and are flexible in terms of duration, content or number of participants, without disrupting serial production.

CP Factory learning and research platform

The CP Factory is a central element of the learning factory. The cyber-physical platform models the stations of a real production facility and enables people to learn system programming, networking and other content such as energy efficiency and data management. Furthermore, the CP Factory is used to develop and test flexible software solutions, which are then used in production.

Enthusiasm for technology and performance at the highest level

Enthusiasm for technology and performance at the highest level

We take social responsibility for current and future generations through our corporate educational responsibility (CER) and commit ourselves passionately worldwide to youth, engineering, knowledge and education. That is why, among other things, we have been promoting the WorldSkills championships of professions for many years as a leading platform for comparing international performance in vocational education.

RoboCup: More than a competition

The international RoboCup community has the aim of fostering the development of intelligent robots through competitions and providing scientists and students from all over the world with an attractive test environment for their robots. As a supplier of the RoboCup Logistics League in Leipzig, Festo has been supporting the competition and its participants for many years and helping them to progress.

Festo education fund: promoting the technology generation of tomorrow

Festo education fund: promoting the technology generation of tomorrow

For many years, the owners of Festo AG have been taking social responsibility for training and education in line with their self-selected corporate educational responsibility (CER). With the Festo education fund initiative, they are making their own contribution to training young people in engineering and technology, as well as in associated areas of knowledge and business management. This is a crucial success factor for ensuring a wealth of young talent in the digital knowledge-based society.

A success story

After ten years of the Festo education fund, there have been 1,000 participants at 300 different universities in 26 countries. The Festo education fund offers student financing in the STEM subjects and business management. Besides undergraduate students, the fund also increasingly supports PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and working people who want more training. The available financing applies both to full-time workers and to those training on the job part-time, both at home and abroad.

Added value for the participants

Through the extra education, the participants receive an exclusive range of training in the field of personal development, methodological skills and specialist seminars in order to train for a profession. On top of this, a network of innovative companies and committed professors provides the opportunity to develop one’s personal contacts through excursions and conferences.

Environment, energy and construction

Environment, energy and construction

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