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"Technology in 60 seconds" provides insights into the world of Festo and observes the latest developments in society, economy and science. Click through the archive from 2014:

Technology in 60 seconds: 2014 archive
Production of chocolate Father Christmases with automation technology
Intelligent components communicate with each other and configure themselves.
Membrane technology – precise arrangement of fibres
CROPS research project develops harvesting robot
Festo reveals intuitive operating concepts for machines
Plastic injection moulding at Festo
3-D camera for spatial orientation
DualWingGenerator generates wind energy with wing-beating principle
Innovation alliance "Green Carbody Technologies" reveals potential savings in car body construction
Exactly calculated: navigation for indoors with the Festo eMotionSpheres
SupraMotion 2.0: Hover at transition temperature
Laboratory automation from Festo - the laboratory of the future