Environment, energy and construction

Environment, energy and construction

The fourth of six fields of activity with regard to corporate responsibility 

Environmental protection, energy management and sustainable construction are closely linked with one another. Because besides treating the environment with care, the economic and efficient use of energy in the face of advancing climate change is a key task of the current era. At Festo, the energy management system and the overall ecological objective go hand in hand.

Lean & Green Management Award for the Scharnhausen Technology Plant

Lean & Green Management Award for the Scharnhausen Technology Plant

The Scharnhausen Technology Plant has won the prestigious Lean & Green Management Award 2016. The plant was lauded for its streamlined, environmentally friendly processes. The award is considered in specialist circles to be one of the top honours for production plants.

The Scharnhausen Technology Plant is lean and green – with streamlined, sustainable processes and environmentally friendly production – and these aspects are incorporated both in production and in technical innovations in all areas of the hall and building technology, according to the panel of judges which awarded Festo the prestigious prize. These values were at the forefront even in the planning and construction of the new plant and were the bases of all decisions during the process.

The Scharnhausen Technology Plant achieved a very good rating of 7.6 points out of ten in the Lean & Green maturity ranking of the finalists. One of the deciding factors in honouring Festo with the award was its holistic lean management approach with a clear target structure and vision for the plant.

Festo took full advantage of the opportunities presented by the newly built plant to implement comprehensive value stream management and an energy transparency system, amongst other things. The Lean & Green Management Award was hosted this year for the fifth time by consultancy firms Growtth Consulting Europe and Quadriga Consult.

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Innovation meets sustainability: The AutomationCenter in Esslingen

A skyscraper that makes an exclamation mark and enables top performances day after day: with the AutomationCenter, an outstanding building has been developed – one whose architecture communicates company values such as responsibility and vision. But more than that, the AutomationCenter is also a clear commitment by Festo to Germany and the region.

From the very start, the AutomationCenter was linked with the aim of setting a milestone – both in an architectural respect and with a sustainable energy concept. The perfect coordination of different technologies enables a maximum level of energy efficiency to be achieved, with no need at all for fossil fuels.

Environmental protection and energy management : Technologies, intelligently combined

The finished product was therefore an extraordinary building, where innovative low temperature energy sources work synergistically together. Besides the sophisticated energy concept for the building, the careful handling of the soil and grassland on the premises also underlines the high standard of sustainability and environmental protection. Innovation born of conviction and the aesthetics of the architecture combine to create an identity of responsibility – a clear commitment to ecological progress.

The holistic concept is revealed with intelligent solutions in its implementation. The building automation covers all areas of the technical infrastructure, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical installations, lighting, shading, access control, safety and energy management. The control system is automatic – forgreater convenience and more energy efficiency.

Sustainable construction: the TechnologyCenter in Esslingen

Sustainable construction: the Technology Centre in Esslingen

The TechnologyCenter in Esslingen combines passive and active elements. Apart from a concrete core tempering system, through which waste heat from production is stored, the building features a solar cooling system. Various innovative shading systems, such as a furling system adopted from the sail-making process, which represents a design first used of this magnitude – regulate solar radiation. Added to this is a new roof construction made of pneumatic cushions, which use pressure distribution to form a closed area and provide additional protection from the sun.

Unique energy concept

All the technical installations are automatically adjusted to the internal and external climate conditions, thus guaranteeing a highly economic exploitation of all the resources and system components.

Overall ecological objective: an outlook for 2020

Overall ecological objective: an outlook for 2020

With the overall ecological objective, which goes up to 2020, Festo is setting out the relevant ecological fields of activity and specifying targets. The spectrum covers operational environmental protection at the individual sites, the issues of energy, CO2 and resources plus the supply chain.

Committed and transparent

For all relevant issues, a joint Environmental Performance Index (EPI) is calculated, which is the basis for defining quantitative targets. Every year, the EPI needs to be improved by at least one per cent in relation to the base year of 2011. This creates a high degree of commitment and transparency. And it ensures that environmental measures and projects are selected and implemented with targets in mind.