• Scharnhausen Technology Plant

    Scharnhausen Technology Plant

    Important impetus for the automation of the future. Festo produces valves, valve terminals and electronics here.

  • Production


    The factory is characterised by lean and energy-efficient processes, top quality and customer focus, as well as sustainable production.

  • Logistics


    Lean processes: Logistics and material flow are optimally laid out in the Festo Technology Plant.

  • Process development

    Process development

    Link between development and production: The latest technologies are expected to be applied in everyday factory operations as soon as possible.

  • Buildings and energy

    Buildings and energy

    Innovative paths when planning the factory and buildings keep energy consumption at the Technology Plant to a minimum.

  • Working and learning

    Working and learning

    The Technology Plant offers room for creativity and continuous and practical qualification and further training.

Scharnhausen Technology Plant

Shaping the future to be versatile 

The Scharnhausen Technology Plant is at the forefront of automation for the future and the leading Festo factory for the production of valves, valve terminals and electronics. The factory is characterised by productive and energy-efficient processes, top-quality products and a pronounced customer focus, as well as sustainable and green fabrication.

ACTING TOGETHER is the guiding principle of the Scharnhausen Technology Plant: cooperation across multiple divisions and close coordination are major factors. This could already be seen during the planning phase, when employees from purchasing, development, IT, logistics, production and human resources worked together, designed the complex factory architecture in the shortest time and turned it into reality. The central location and outstanding infrastructure ensure that the plant is ideally networked with the Festo headquarters, the social environment of the employees and the customers worldwide.

Industry 4.0 in practice

With the new factory, Festo meets current challenges like Industry 4.0 and global competition. Many of the aspects of Industry 4.0 are already a reality in the Technology Plant. For example, employees cooperate in safe interaction with a flexible robot, which takes over assembly tasks that are ergonomically disadvantageous. An holistic energy transparency system will mean that all energy flows and consumption in the factory can be tracked in future. And for service engineers, alongside their usual tools, the tablet represents the principal working tool: with the help of an app, they are able to detect and rectify machine faults as soon as possible and directly on-site.

Focus on people

For Festo, however, the most important success factor for adding value in the production of the future continues to be people. The Festo employees are motivated, sensitised and appropriately qualified for the change in the production world. The Learning Factory integrated with the factory, where employees get practical training, also contributes towards this.