Flowing and lean production

There is an ideal flow between processes, information and material 

For flexible and reliable production, the required material must be at the right place, at the right time and in the exact sequence. Thanks to an optimised material flow, every department at the Technology Plant makes its contribution to maximum efficiency.

When all value streams flow, an optimum of costs, quality and throughput times can be achieved. The specialists call this target state a ‘lean factory’, which is turned into reality in the Technology Plant using the latest methods. All processes run without unnecessary waiting, transport or idle time – from orders received through to production and ultimately to delivery to the customer.

Short transport routes

The Festo experts analyse the value streams systematically in interdisciplinary teams that span all the divisions. In this way, idle times during the processing of an unfinished part, from goods received to the finished product, can be tracked down and minimised. With the help of this long-term methodology, the employees actively add value. For example, the transportation routes for delivering, sawing, machining, deburring, cleaning and electroplating components have been shortened considerably: whilst the process used to be distributed across several plants over a distance of 32 kilometres, they have now been able to be accommodated on an area of just 120 metres.